The witch

 - cartoon, cartoony, character, colored, colorful, colors, decorated

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  • tkopp Hearted.

  • labrador20 Hearted.

  • MaryB2 Hearted.

  • 419LOAWIL I LOVE IT!!!

  • Oya thank you all :)

  • fne00044 yeh totaly loving it

  • Oya thank you fne00044 !

  • saffronlily Hearted.

  • saffronlily ilove your drawing!

  • Oya thanks saffronlily :)

  • bookworm703 Hearted.

  • bookworm703 Amazing!

  • ego5dbird reminds me of Cruella De Ville from 101 dalmations.

  • Oya thank you !

  • Oya You're right, ego5dbird :)

  • macek0602 Hearted.

  • 50562 Hearted.

  • 50562 awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and cool

  • Oya Thanks !

  • deepfried_freak CP Hearted.

  • laa1984 Hearted.

  • rgurvich Hearted.

  • skwms Hearted.

  • skwms i love this picture its really creative great job!

  • Oya Thank you very much !

  • Vidza Hearted.

  • Vidza Oya, you're an amazing drawer. Not the kind of SOCK drawer, the kind of ART drawer, all right?
    This picture is so beautiful! Kinda looks like my pretty self...
    Ha, just joking! You fell for it, I know you did!
    Anyway, you know I'm feeling funny today... (;) Get it?)

  • danielturner Hearted.

  • JB888 Hearted.

  • Sinraptor27 Da bomb.

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