Inspire your kids to read, write, and learn.

Inspired by our artwork, tools, and community, kids write and read more using Storybird, improving their language, cognitive, and social skills.

Six reasons your kids will love Storybird:

Gorgeous art

Gorgeous art

Stunning illustrations stimulate the imagination and spark creativity.

Puzzle solving

Puzzle solving

Writers “unlock” stories they “find” within the artwork, teasing out themes & ideas.

Social reinforcement

Social reinforcement

Supportive feedback in a safe setting from friends, family, classmates, writers, and artists.

Grade Booster

Grade Booster

Teachers and kids report higher grades in writing and reading comprehension when using Storybird regularly.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We PRE-moderate all stories and comments, provide privacy options, and encrypt passwords.

It's free

It's free

Storybird is free to use, with options to buy your stories as books or upgrade your account for special features.

“Storybird rocks. One of the most engaging apps I’ve ever used with students in 20 years.”
— Digital Maverick

Over 125,000 schools use Storybird worldwide. Here's what teachers say:

“Beginning to see almost limitless appeal of Storybird to all curriculum areas.”
“Creating books on Storybird and then commenting on other’s stories is a great way to build a class writing community.”
“Simple to use and endlessly extendable.”
“An ideal site for teachers and families.”
“The best creative writing tool/resource for teachers that I have come across.”
“The best writing website for kids.
Fresh and innovative.”
“Start the year with beautiful collaborative storytelling. Storybird is one of my fav all time webtools.”
“I can’t think of a better way to encourage literary exploration, artsy fun and new media skill sets to inspire a whole new flock of creative storytellers.”




“An awesome tool”

Oxford University Press

“A gem”



ed Week

“Boosts literacy”

School Library Journal

“Knocked my socks off”

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