Boost your child’s imagination, writing skills, and confidence.

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Monthly challenges and writing tools to improve reading and writing skills

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Boost literacy up to three levels in even the most reluctant readers and writers.

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Premium hardcover editions of your child’s work printed and shipped to you.

More than 500,000 teachers around the world use Storybird in their curriculum. Now you can use it at home with the Storybird Writing Club. An online literacy program for kids 8-18.

Join the Storybird Writing Club!

Storybird’s beautiful illustration library and easy-to-use writing tools have inspired millions of students to write better and read often.

The Storybird Writing Club enables your child to achieve these results on your home computer or tablet by creating beautiful picture books and sharing them with our safe, moderated community of young authors. After just a few weeks you should see a boost in their creativity and confidence in their writing and reading skills.

Monthly Writing Challenges

Monthly writing challenges

  • Monthly challenges with accompanying tutorials to build writing skills.
  • Collect virtual badges for every completed challenge.
  • Follow your child’s writing progress by logging in to the private parent page.
  • Beat the Summer Slide! Bonus challenges during the summer and major school holidays.
Unlimited Book Downloads

Unlimited and exclusive access

  • Includes 10,000+ curated professional illustrations, free to use in stories.
  • Publish stories to the public library and get feedback from the community faster with premium 24h Moderation.
  • Live moderators review your child’s story before it is published (24h turnaround time) to ensure your child is complying with the safety and editorial guidelines — we make sure they do not disclose personal or identifying information.
  • Customizable book covers and wallpapers.
Free printed editions

Free printed editions and downloads

  • Two (2) archival-quality hardcover bound Picture Books of your child’s work printed and shipped to you (no charge for shipping in the USA).
  • Unlimited free downloads of your child’s work formatted as beautiful eBooks and printable PDFs.
Printable Picturebooks

Just $149 for one full year (12 months)
Includes 2 professionally printed hardcover copies of your child’s picture book(s).

Or, sign up for a free basic account. Does not include printed hardcover books, unlimited downloads, printable PDFs, achievement badges, or 24h moderator review.

  • Complements in-school or homeschool programs.
  • Perfect for encouraging budding writers.
  • Boosts enthusiasm in reluctant writers/readers.
  • Combats the Summer Slide!



“An awesome tool”


“A gem”

Oxford University Press



“Boosts literacy”

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“Knocked my socks off”

School Library Journal

Our members love Storybird


“Storybird, to me, is a platform where I can reveal the real me, where I can share my thoughts, where I can discover my potential, where I can unleash my imagination, where I can read some masterpieces by other authors and where I can get advice and new friends along the way! I love SB – it has become a part of me, and even though I am relatively new, I love it to bits and pieces.”


“Let me tell you, before I discovered SB, I was a lonely grade 4 girl who got teased at for loving literature. My life was depressing. I would always read books to calm me down. My closest friends made fun of me so hard... my teacher showed me SB and my life changed. I met awesome friends and people I consider as my family who’s supported me throughout my journey. They would miss me when I was gone and be glad when I was back. So yes, this is me. A grade 6 girl who is more confident than ever, all because of Storybird :)”


What keeps kids on Storybird so engaged?

Example artwork: Julius Tan
Donuts Before Departure by Julius Tan / Storybird
Example artwork: Mercheland
The Maiden and the Bear by Mercheland / Storybird

Two of the 10,000 inspiring images available for use in your child’s story.

In addition to the day-to-day consumers that use Storybird, millions of students and hundreds of thousands of schools use Storybird every year to boost literacy by up to three grade levels in one year in the classroom. Over half a million stories are created monthly on Storybird. Teachers say it’s the only tool that inspires their most reluctant readers and writers and challenges their good storytellers to be better.

But, even though it’s an academic tool at its heart, the secret to Storybird is that it doesn’t feel academic. Kids won’t even know they’re learning. That’s because starting with pictures is powerful: it stirs the emotions while it engages the brain and jumpstarts kids into their text, avoiding the blank-page syndrome.

An online community like no other

Your child can choose to publish their story publicly or privately. Members with public stories may receive hearts and constructive comments and feedback on their stories.

We take pride in a safe, moderated, and positive environment. We moderate all public content, and do not allow bullying, foul language, personally identifying information (including personally identifying stories), and overly mature language or themes. Storybird also celebrates original narrative content and requires fanfic to remain private. We diligently suspend or block for bad behavior.

Older kids (tweens and teens) in particular love being part of a nourishing, positive community and enjoy reading (moderated) original stories from their peer group.

Just $149 for one full year (12 months)
Includes 2 professionally printed hardcover copies of your child’s picture book(s).