Papercraft fun with picture books

I love our professionally-printed picture books, but always felt I needed something more immediate in my hands once I completed a book. So, a while ago, I sat down over a few (a lot) of nights and printed and folded until I came up with two different patterns. One for a readable pocket size book, and another super tiny, super cute doll-size book that folds like origami out of a single sheet of paper.

We made these available for download on all picture books – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

— Kaye, Storybird co-founder

Before you start, download and print a PDF of your picture book (instructions at the bottom of this page).

1. Here’s what you’ll need to start assembling.

2. Score and cut the cover

3. Score and cut the interior pages

4. Fold the cover and interior pages

5. Staple the interior pages together (staple will be covered in the end)

6. Tuck the interior pages around the cover (you can add some tape to secure the binding and cover the staples - detailed instructions come with the PDF).

7. Ta da! Here’s your completed pocket-sized book.

8. Read, share and enjoy!

These patterns are available to Premium members for free (just click the ‘buy’ button on your picture book, then click to download the bundle; it will cost you $0) or you can purchase and download them a la carte for a small fee.

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