Welcome, educators! In this series, you’ll learn how to get up and running with Storybird Studio. Our free classroom tools allow you to assign projects, review student work, and manage your classroom from one simple dashboard.

Watch this quick 2-minute video, or follow along with our step-by-step guidelines below. If you have any questions along the way, you can always jump over to our help section.

After signing up as an educator and confirming your account (here’s how), Storybird will prompt you to create a class:

With an educator account, you can create and manage multiple classes. But for this tutorial we’ll focus on just one.

After you’ve added the details for your class, it’s time to add students. Go ahead and click that big blue button that says “Add or Invite Students.”

There are two options for adding student accounts to your class. No matter which option you choose, you will always be able to manage your students’ accounts or reset their passwords from your dashboard.

Option 1: Manual upload. You create usernames for each student in your class and type them in yourself. You might choose this option if you have a limited number of computers in the classroom, or if you are working with young students.

Since this option can be time-consuming for a large class, there is also a bulk-upload tool. You can automate username creation, cut-and-paste your class list, or upload a .csv file.

After you have manually added your students, you will need to give them the temporary passwords that Storybird creates. These passwords will be updated by the student the first time they log in.

In order to protect student privacy, we strongly recommend that each student have a unique username and password. If they lose it or forget it, you can easily update it from your dashboard.

The other option is much quicker if you have students with the skills and resources to create their own accounts. This works well with older students in a 1-to-1 classroom or computer lab.

Option 2: Invite students. Instruct your class to login to Storybird.com and create their own student accounts. They will choose a username and password themselves, but you can change these as needed from your educator dashboard.

We do not require an email to create a Student account, but if students have an existing Google sign-in that you use in class, they can also use it on Storybird.

Once students create their accounts, they will need a Class Access Code to join your class. You can find this code on your dashboard under the section marked “Add or Invite Students.”

Here’s what your students will see when they successfully create a Student account and navigate to the Class tab. They will enter the Class Access Code here.

After students input the Class Access Code you provide, their names will appear on your educator dashboard.

Note: they must sign up with a Student account on Storybird in order to successfully join your class. If they do not see a Class tab on their account, they may need to change their settings to “Account type: Student.”

Regardless of how you add students to your class (Option 1 or Option 2) you will always be able to manage their accounts (usernames, passwords, etc) from your dashboard. Just click the Studio link at the top of the page anywhere on Storybird to get back to your educator tools.

We hope you and your students will love using Storybird! Find all of our Frequently Asked Questions here, or contact us if you run into trouble.

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