Storybird Fundraisers let parents purchase beautiful, professionally printed copies of their child’s work. Your classroom or school receives 30% of all sales, and, best of all, kids get to see their work in print!

If you’re already using Storybird in your classroom, you can start running a fundraiser in five minutes. Seriously! All you need is an educator account and a class of students creating picture books or poetry (longform coming soon!).

Ready to raise some classroom cash? Watch the video or walk through our step-by-step guide below. Let’s do this!

STEP 1. Head over to the fundraisers tab in Storybird Studio

- Choose ‘Studio’ from the top navigation bar
- Choose the class you want to run a fundraiser for.
- Click the fundraisers tab
- Click the Start Fundraiser button

STEP 2. Fill in the fundraiser information

- Describe your fundraiser (parents see this when they log in)
- Enter a duration (between 2-4 weeks)
- Enter a shipping address for the fundraiser items (typically your classroom or school office)

STEP 3. Appoint a treasurer

The treasurer can be you OR:
- Someone in administration at your school or district
- a PTA member designated to receive funds
- You can change this later if you are not sure

STEP 4. Let parents know

From your fundraiser dashboard you can now:
- Download, print and distribute personalized flyers OR
- Copy and paste the email provided to parents.

Either option gives parents information on how to log in to see and purchase their child’s work.

That’s it! You’re done.

Seriously. The next step for you (aside from receiving the final tally if you’re the treasurer) is opening up a box of beautiful hardcover and softcover books, art and poetry and handing them out to some very proud students.

Here’s what parents will see first:

- Parents can access the private fundraiser URL
- They will be asked to enter their child’s username

Once they’re in, parents can view their child’s work:

- Parents can read their child’s picture books or poetry
- Artwork products are also available (see a preview)

Parents can click through to purchase:

When parents are done browsing, they can click through for product options and pricing, add to their basket and securely check out.

There’s little else to do but wait at this point. Purchases and proceeds will be logged to your dashboard in real-time. You (and your treasurer) will be notified by email when your fundraiser ends and your funds are ready to be redeemed. Best of all, you’ll receive that big box of stories, art and poetry at your school a few weeks after your fundraiser ends!

Start a fundraiser now!

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