How to create a picture book

One of the most popular ways to express yourself on Storybird is by creating a picture book. Here’s a quick, 3-minute video tutorial to guide you through the process. Or, keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown.

Step 1: Choose your art

Storybird’s library of artwork contains 10,000 images from professional illustrators—all curated by our staff to work with just about any story you can imagine. This is the key to how Storybird works: the illustrations inspire writers to unlock a story.

Click on CREATE at the top of the website to start browsing the art library.

You can choose a single illustration that inspires you and work with all of the images created by that particular artist. Or, if you have a theme in mind, you can search using a keyword and create a story using all of the artwork in your search results.

In this example, I’ve entered “winter” into the search bar and gotten 244 results. I’m going to click “Use this Art” at the top of the results page, and select the “Picture Book” option from the drop-down menu that appears. All of those images will now be available for me to use in the story editor.

Step 2: Drag, Drop, and Write

Now you’re in the story editor. Drag and drop artwork onto the page to add it to your book. You can move the art around into different positions on the page. Play around with it until you find a layout you like!

Once you’re happy with the image, you can start writing directly on the page. Click on the white area and you’ll see a text box appear. To add more pages to your book, click on the + button in the footer. To remove a page, click the - button.

Step 3: Design your cover

When you’ve finished writing, you have a few options for your book cover design. You can choose the layout and color, and drag and drop artwork to change the image. Don’t forget to add a great title!

Step 4: Publish!

You’ve chosen your art, written your story, and designed your book cover. Now it’s time to publish! Click on the Menu icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, and select “Publish.” Don’t worry if you find a typo or need to make changes—you can always edit your book after it’s published.

When you publish your book you’ll see a page asking for some details about your book. Here you can pick some categories and an age range, write a summary, and add tags. These details are optional, but they can help you and your friends find your book in the library.

Congratulations! You are now a published author.

A note about privacy

All books published while using a Student account are private, and can only be seen in the Storybird classroom associated with the account. Other students in the class can read and comment on the book, but it will not appear in Storybird’s public library or search results.

Educators can invite parents and guardians to read student books by sharing a private login. Here’s how.

Regular users have the choice of publishing their books publicly or keeping them private. All public books are submitted to moderation for review before they can appear on our site. Storybird is a family-friendly community, so all books in our public library must follow our community guidelines (read them here). For a link to our complete privacy policy, click here.

This tutorial is part of our ongoing series of Tips and Tools for educators. See more posts to help you get the most out of Storybird Studio in the classroom. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ at, or drop us a line at support.

Featured art (top) by Leah Dorian

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