Book release! The Wristwatch Time Machine

If you had the power to rewind time, would you do it? This is the question that Storybird Creative Partner Jodi Kendall ponders in her latest book, The Wristwatch Time Machine. Fans of magical realism will love this new adventure by the author of Some Pig in the City. In this book, Jodi has partnered up with artist Elizabeth Baddeley, and the results are… magical!

In her Author Journal, Jodi gives us a sneak peek:

The Wristwatch Time Machine is about a thirteen year-old-girl named Tenny Lyle. She lives in Coastal Oregon with her mom and older sister, Pria. As the school year winds down, Tenny daydreams about long summer afternoons biking along the waterfront with her best friend Meredith, and all the jam sessions she’ll have with her sister, who plays the guitar while Tenny sings. But the Oregon summer that Tenny dreams of – the summer she’s always known – never comes because six terrible words, two songs, and one antique wristwatch change everything. And sometimes, when everything changes, you can’t change it back.

Click on the book cover above to start reading The Wristwatch Time Machine, and add it to your bookshelf to be notified whenever Jodi publishes a new chapter.

Happy reading!

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