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Did you know that lots of people feel more creative than usual during the summertime? Maybe it’s all the sunshine. Or the fact that there’s NO HOMEWORK! Or the result of a steady diet of fresh fruit (and by “fruit” we mean popsicles…).

Or maybe it’s because during summer’s free hours, your brain has more room to explore new ideas and daydream—to discover inspiration in unexpected places. And inspiration is fantastic, because it’s the spark for creativity AND originality: the best ingredients for story writing.

Storybird’s Summer Writing Club is all about finding inspiration to help you write awesome stories. It’s a place for you to share your stories with other writers and readers, get feedback and encouragement, and make some new friends along the way. It’s kind of like a virtual Storybird summer camp.

Ready to jump in? Cannonball!

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How does the Summer Writing Club work? Do I need to join somewhere?
Nope! There are no forms to fill out and it’s totally FREE. You join simply by participating each week.

When does Summer Writing Club happen?
We’ll post a new Summer Writing Club blog post every Wednesday. The blog posts will give you different prompts as your writing inspiration each week. You can use them to help you write the first chapter of a new longform book each week, OR the next chapter of a continuing longform book, OR a picture book. These are your stories. It’s up to you.

What if Wednesdays don’t work for me? Or if I’m gone for a week or two?
You can come check out the posts anytime, and follow whatever schedule works best for you! Wednesdays no good? Come by on a different day instead. Away on vacation or at camp for a week or two? You can skip a week, no problem, or double up when you’re back.

How do I add my stories to the Summer Writing Club?
When you publish your story, be sure to add the tag “SWC” on the Book Details page—it will help your book/chapter get moderated faster, and it will add your story to the Summer Writing Club collection so other participants can find and read it. Here’s a screenshot to show where the tag should go:

How do I find other members of the Summer Writing Club?
When you click on the SWC tag on any Storybird book, you’ll find all the other stories written by Summer Writing Club members. You can leave comments and hearts on their work, and make new friends who enjoy writing and creativity as much as you do.

What if I love one of the stories I start so much I just want to keep writing it instead of following the new challenges?
If you get excited about a story that Summer Writing Club has sparked, that’s awesome! Creativity is totally the goal. Feel free to keep writing it (and be sure to tag new chapters, also) so the rest of the Summer Writing Club community can follow along on your progress, too.

What if I like ALL of the prompts and can’t decide which one to use? Can I write more than one SWC story each week?
Sure! You can write a story for just one of the prompts each week, or write a story for more than one of them—or even all of them! Just be sure you’re publishing the most original, creative work you can; that’s the most important rule for every writer to follow on Storybird.

Do I win something if I participate?
Summer Writing Club isn’t a contest, so there aren’t prizes. You “win” by having created awesome new books and chapters, and gaining new friends and fans as readers. We’ll link to some of our favorites on the blog all summer, too, so you might get Storybird fame and recognition.

Are there any rules for what I can write about?
The posts each week will give you some guidance in terms of topic, and we promise there will be lots of variety! Otherwise, as usual, you just have to be sure your stories are original (not fanfiction) and that they follow Storybird’s Community & Content Guidelines.

Still have questions? We answer a few more of them here.

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