Summer Writing Club Roundup #5

Magical towns. Mysterious visitors. Supernatural beings who visit magical towns as mysterious visitors! And Christmas! PLUS SO MUCH MORE.

Guys. Y’all seriously blew our minds with your creativity this week! Seriously, have you read some of the stories your fellow Storybird users have been writing for the SWC? If not, we highly encourage you to do so, because They. Are. Amazeballs. In fact, they’re so stellar that we collected an extra-long list for this week’s roundup, so we’re going to stop typing and let you start reading!

P.S. This week we’re continuing our extra-special challenge to SWC members: we’d love it if every story with an SWC tag (that’s followed the rules, of course) gets some supportive comments and hearts from readers like you, so that all writers on Storybird feel encouraged! If every SWC member hearts and comments on a few stories (or even a lot of stories), it would be most excellent for our whole club. Plus, finding and sharing brilliant stories that no one else has read yet gives you an amazing thrill of discovery, so it’s win-win!

Prompt #1: If you were to look into any window in this town, you would find traces—and sometimes explosions—of magic.

The Land of Magic, by anderpai000 Strange happenings and fantastical events fill up this town! Are you ready for magic?

Whisperton, by Bwinkie2 Some of your stories made us smell magic (and we’ll probably all think of this book whenever we get a whiff of vanilla-scented things from now on)!

Hidden, by GalaxyGirl Some of your stories made us SEE magic, like the way this story’s descriptions crackle with imagination.

The Prowess of Favia, by sophiedell And some made us FEEL magic, like this chillingly dark tale that opens with the villain’s point of view.

Rebels, by pill0 You might not hear the magic in this story when you first begin reading, but that’s the whole point. You only hear it when…well, we won’t tell you when. You have to go read to find out!

Prompt #2: This morning’s headline read, “Christmas tomorrow!” This was the biggest news possible, because we haven’t had Christmas in 46 years.

Forty-Six, by Mystique3 Mysteries and danger abound in a world where Christmas has been missing for forty-six years! We’re so intrigued, but also a little worried for our lives.

Christmas?, by PastelArynWe’re dreaming of a futuristic, sci-fi sort of Christmas, just like the ones we used to know…” That’s how the song goes, right? ;) And we LOL’d at the main character’s nickname for mistletoe!

Prompt #3: I’ll remember our seaside city as it was this day. Before the chimneys stopped smoking, when people still bothered to do laundry. When the grand hotel was always booked, so weary travelers had to rent out our spare room. And I’ll remember our last guest, the one who stopped the world.

Winter Time, by MagicalWriting A magical clock, vivid descriptions, a lively main character…we want to curl up with this story and just keep reading forever!

Overlapping Waves by mbjett Of course, our reading forever may get cut short, because it seems that thanks to a certain visitor in this story, the world’s coming to an end! Or is it?!…

Silenced Secrets, by XxRachelxx And this book gives us chills (but in a good way)! So many secrets! So many plot twists! So much suspense! And maybe…a romance? We’re dying to know what happens next!

A City of Frozen Ghosts, by mushroomfaerie There’s a lovely sort of chilly, moody quiet tucked inside this story of lonely memory. Reading it feels just like silent frigid afternoon. Well-done, mushroomfaerie!

Shadows in the Snowy City, by iluvmibffs And wrapping up this week’s round-up is a beautifully-written tale of mysterious visitors, memories, dreams, and goodbyes. Wander into this story and be haunted by it, too.

Wasn’t that some superbly creative storytelling, SWC? We hope you loved reading all of this week’s stories as much as we did.

And, our final Summer Writing Club Story Spark goes live on our blog at 9am EST on Wednesday, so get your typing fingers and creative brains ready!

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