From classroom to heirloom

Over the past few years, Storybird has grown into one of the world’s biggest language arts platforms. With more than 400,000 educators and 4 million students on board, Storybird has inspired even the most reluctant students to read and write in the classroom and beyond.

Creating their own picture books, chapter books, and poetry on Storybird, young writers have found their voice. Every week, students add 100,000 stories to the platform. Not only does Storybird nurture and inspire creativity, it also builds valuable literacy skills. At this school, students jumped 3 grade levels in reading and writing in just one year.

Storybird Fundraisers

Now, classrooms can benefit even more from Storybird with our brand new fundraising option. Students create beautiful books. Parents receive lasting memories. Teachers raise money for school needs.

Storybird Fundraisers allow parents to purchase hardcover or softcover editions of the stories your child writes in the classroom. For the first time ever, you’ll also be able to buy stunning poetry prints and stationery, too.

In turn, Storybird donates 30% of all sales back to the school. Parents get archival-quality keepsakes, kids see their work in print like real published authors, and teachers raise the funds they need for classroom supplies and programs.

At Storybird, we believe that educators and students should spend their time focused on what really matters: creativity, literacy, and learning—not sales pitches. We put the curriculum first, and no classroom time is wasted. Students complete their assignments as they always have and teachers turn on the fundraiser with the click of a button.

Because privacy is so important, student work is never made available to the public. Parents receive a login to read and purchase their child’s work on Storybird, and all funds are distributed to a classroom administrator through PayPal, wire transfer, or Amazon gift cards. No cash to collect!

Storybird Fundraisers

Want to run a Storybird Fundraiser at your school? Here’s how!

Visit to get started. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention: It’s free!

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