Are you an educator who uses Google Classroom? Do your students use Google Apps for Education? We know how hard it can be to remember all the logins and passwords for every different app and website that you and your students use, so we’ve made it simple to log in to Storybird with Google.

You may have seen this option on our login page at

Once you link your Storybird account to Google, you can use that button to sign in and access our whole platform with the same login you use on any Google app or website.

Before using Google sign in, here’s what you and your students need to do:

1. Sign in to Storybird using your username and password, then head to your settings page. You’ll find the settings page by clicking on the You menu in the upper left and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Now scroll down and look for the Link Google section circled below. Click the button and follow the prompts from Google.

3. You’re good to go! The Sign in with Google button on our login page is now ready for you to use.

Keep in mind that each student will need to do this individually with their own account.

Just to note, if your Storybird account isn’t linked up yet and you try to sign in using Google, then you’ll be redirected to our account creation page. No need to make a new account. Just head back to our login page at and sign in normally using your username and password. Then link to Google following the instructions above.

Questions? Still need help? Read more of our Storybird for Educators: Tips & Tools tutorials or contact us for support.

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