Make perfect, personal last-minute greeting cards

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you suddenly realize it’s your parent/spouse/sibling/bff’s birthday tomorrow or (insert holiday here) and eek! You FORGOT to get a card?!

Time to put all that behind you. In just a few minutes, you can make a personal greeting card that will blow the generic stuff you can buy in a store out of the water.

Step 1
Make a poem on Storybird, then download your poem in card format by clicking the green ‘Buy’ button. Navigate over to digital downloads and select ‘Folded card’.

Buy digital download credits in bulk to make this super cheap, or get it free with premium membership. You can even personalize the attribution on the back.

Step 2
Print! Here it comes! To make the card look extra pro, use a light card stock or matte photo paper with a neutral backing (glossy works too).

Step 3
Cut, score, and fold. We recommend a craft knife and metal ruler (kids will need to ask an adult to help with this part), but a careful hand with scissors will also do the job.

That’s it! There are about 5 billion (yes, 5 billion!) combinations of art + words available with Storybird poetry, so you’re set for awesome cards for life.

So, go for it! Pick a card from the poetry you’ve created already, or stock up by making new ones. You never know when you’ll need one in a pinch.

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