September Challenge: School Daze

When our Summer Writing Club ended in August, we heard a lot of feedback that you wanted more writing challenges throughout the year. So we listened.

Introducing Storybird Scribes, an online writing club that features a new theme every month. On the first of each month (Hey! That’s today!), we’ll post a theme and a hashtag. Just like you did for SWC, you can tag a story to submit it to the club. Don’t have time to write? No worries! You can participate in the club by voting up your favorite books with hearts and comments.

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Artwork by inkymum

We’ll also invite a guest judge to select outstanding stories to feature on our blog at the end of every month. There will not be a winner. Instead, we will do a roundup of our favorite stories based on originality, creativity, popularity, and quality of writing (few typos, spelling, clarity).

Our guest judge for the month of September is figment68, but you might know her as “Figgy” on Storybird. As the author of The B.U.L.L.Y. Club and The Underachievers, she’s an expert on middle school drama, so this month’s theme was right up her alley.

The Underachievers, by figment68

Ready to begin? Read on for the rules.

September Challenge: School Daze

Artwork by Lesley Vamos


1. Theme of the month: School Daze - Write a picture book or longform story that takes place in or around a school. Romance, mystery, fantasy… it’s up to you! As long as the setting is in a school, you can choose the plot. As always, in order to appear in our public library, your story must follow our community guidelines.

Writing Tip: Learn how to write a great setting for your story here.

2. Choose your artwork – Unlike the Summer Writing Club, we’re letting you choose the artwork that inspires you. You may use the illustrations we included in this blog post (or click here to select images tagged with “school”), but it’s not mandatory.

3. Tag & Title - The tag for this month’s writing challenge is schooldaze. You can use any title you choose, but when you publish your book or chapter, make sure you add the tag schooldaze (all one word) on the Book Details page. Here’s a screenshot to show you where to put it:

One last thing. Chapters and picture books submitted to our monthly challenges will be moderated in our normal queues: there will not be faster moderation for non-Premium members. We will do our best to get your stories approved in a timely fashion, but the best way to get your stories published quickly is to upgrade your membership.

We can’t wait to read your stories!

Featured artwork (top) by dwelldeep

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