Storybird Scribes: September Roundup

This month we launched Storybird Scribes, an online writing club that features themes to inspire your stories. September’s theme was “School Daze,” and we had a blast reading about all of the crazy, hilarious, magical, and mysterious things that you guys came up with.

Our guest judge for September was Figment68. Here are her top picks!

1. Alligators don’t go to school, by ESRouset
When Jakie Jones’s brings her pet alligator Fizgo to school, what could go wrong?

2. What’s Changed? by GreenPanda62
A snow storm traps five former best friends together after school, as they start to reminisce will they become friends again?

3. Mystery Murder, by Brightheart123
Seventh grade has started out well until Hailey finds a note in her locker. Will Hailey and Anika have a murder mystery to solve in school this year?

4. Home Schooling, by Storyellow
Forget about the myths and learn that homeschool kids are just like those that attend schools.

5. New Face, by MagicIsInTheAir
Follow Lewis as he tries to find his way around his new secondary school and meets some very interesting teachers.

6. The Girl Who Looked And The Things She Didn’t See, by BejewledMusician
No one notices the quiet girl in class but she’s noticed them and knows a lot about her classmates.

7. Losing Memories, by CookieDragon22
Evelyn has an accident on the first day of school that gives her amnesia. As she starts to remember things will she go back to her old self?

8. Rules of School, by SunFun166
Miranda’s school is full of unfair rules until Lilly teachers her about fairness and freedom.

9. Broken Heart, by pandaactress
As students get older they start thinking about dating. Is it worth risking a broken heart?

10. Everything’s Coming Up In Daisies, by 5clubbirds
It’s the Beta’s against the popular Alphas to stop the bullying at school. You will have to read to see if they succeed.

Thanks for the great picks, Figgy, and congratulations to all the featured writers this month! Check back here on the blog on the tomorrow (Thursday, 9am EST) to see what we have in store for October’s Storybird Scribes challenge.

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