Storybird Scribes: The New Kid Roundup

For this month’s challenge, we asked you to take that famous writing advice, “Write what you know,” and put it to work. Think back to a time when you tried something new for the first time. How did it make you feel? Use your experience, and your memories of those emotions, to help you create your fictional characters and tell your story.

This was an exercise to build your writing skills, and we want to congratulate EVERYONE who entered. You all did a great job of looking inside to find emotions that fueled your stories. We’ve featured a few examples below that exemplify the spirit of this challenge.

Turnip and The Maleficus School of Witchcraft for Young Ladies by FortitudeandChocolate

The first time… by judybroad

Emmy, Did I Mention?… by hecategirl292

Honourable mentions:

The “Unpopular” Girl by sophiedhanraj

Not the worst day by Elision

Morgan’s New Home by BookButterfly123

For the first time: Parents by GoWithTheFlo1

A Friend, I Guess by Pandy99

Bleak by ImagineWolf008

The First (and only) Time I ever Won a Game of Chess by aditigoyal

Siblings? by MaiaDinsmore

The First Time I Fell In Love by yoloiguana

Different by CatWhiskers

Alien by cseb103

What If by kdbailey

But I Can’t Go In by Selly14

Again, congratulations to everyone and stay tuned for the October Challenge! Teaser, it’s a Poetry challenge with special word sets you’ll be able to remix. It’s coming out on the blog this Thursday, October 6.

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