​Nicholas Keith gets kids creating and publishing their own books in about 30 minutes with Storybird for Google Chrome.

Nicholas Keith, an Blended Learning Specialist in Lancaster, TX shares how to get kids imaginations going in his blog post. Keith notes:

“Storybird truly gets imaginations going. Essentially, it’s a way for students to create their own book and publish it online. Storybird lets students choose the set of artwork they like, then write their story based on the images.”

The Challenge

Students are commonly required to write or read online throughout the school year. Digital tools that make things simpler and ensure kids focus on the writing (and not the tool) are essential. Keith says about Storybird: “If you’re writing or reading teacher it is an incredibly simple way to get them publishing and writing online.”

The Solution

Keith encourages students to sign up for Storybird by selecting a Student account, then using Sign in with Google. “It will ask them to create a username that will go with their books, and then they’ll be able to start writing.”

“My kindergartener published her first book in about 30 minutes, so I know from experience this is an incredible tool for even the youngest budding author.”

Students can begin the writing process immediately. “Once students are in here all they need to do is click create, and the first step that they’re going to take is they’re going to select what kind of artwork they want to write their book about.” says Keith.

When they’re finished writing all they have to do this click Save, and then go to Menu, and click Publish. “You can add a summary for your book which is great for those summarizing skills. Click on publish and that’s it. Your student has just published a story online.”

If they want to turn this in through Google Classroom so [their teacher] can see it, they can use the sharing link. Keith created a quick assignment in Google Classroom called Turn in Your Storybird book and notes “I didn’t have to attach anything to it or anything else.”

The Capabilities

It’s as simple for students to write as it is for teachers to review stories created with Storybird. “On the teacher side you can see that it’s been turned in, so I click on their assignment, and it takes me straight to their book. Once i’m done reading it I can give them a grade or I can also choose to give them feedback on the work that they did by adding a comment to their work. And that’s it. That’s getting those writing juices flowing with Storybird.”

Get Storybird for Chrome here. Get a PDF copy of the full case study here.

Editor’s note: Since Nicholas’ video was created, Storybird has made sharing even easier by implementing Google’s ‘Share to Classroom’ button. So, with one click, students can now share their work to their classroom.

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