Get ready for the 2016 Summer Writing Club!

Ah, summer. With extra sleep and no homework to stress about, your brain is free to daydream and discover inspiration in unexpected places. When you give yourself the freedom to explore new ideas, you’ll find that your creativity explodes like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Storybird’s Summer Writing Club is all about finding inspiration to help you write awesome stories. It’s a place for you to share your stories with other writers and readers, get feedback and encouragement, and make some new friends along the way. It’s kind of like a virtual Storybird summer camp.

The 2016 Summer Writing Club starts July 1 July 5, 2016. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the 2016 Summer Writing Club?
This year SWC will consist of two Challenges: One in July and one in August. Each Challenge will encourage you to write a short story or “novelette” of up to 5,000 words. You can write about anything you want. AND we’re going to coach you chapter-by-chapter, releasing weekly writing tips and tutorials. Your goal will be to write one finished Chapter per week. August will let you build on what you learned in July—with more advanced tips released weekly that month.

How does the Summer Writing Club work? Do I need to join somewhere?
Nope! You join simply by participating each week. Storybird Writing Club paid membership is not required (but it will give you beautiful badges and certificates for each challenge and lots of other perks).

If you’re interested in a membership, we’ve got a special discount offer on paid Club memberships. Download this special offer coupon and give it to your parents.

When does Summer Writing Club happen?
The July Challenge runs: July 1 to July 22, and the August Challenge runs: August 1 to August 22. View and download the Summer Writing Club 2016 Calendar

What if I’m gone for a week or two?
You can come check out the posts anytime, and follow whatever schedule works best for you! Away on vacation or at camp for a week or two? You can skip a week, no problem, or double up when you’re back. What matters is that you submit your finished story at the end of one or both SWC Challenges.

How do I add my stories to the Summer Writing Club?
When you publish your story, you can select to submit your Story to the Challenge. It will help your book/chapter get moderated faster, and it will add your story to the Summer Writing Club collection so other participants can find and read it.

How do I find other members of the Summer Writing Club?
You can filter the Read page for just SWC entries, and you’ll find all the other stories written by Summer Writing Club members. You can leave comments and hearts on their work, and make new friends who enjoy writing and creativity as much as you do.

What if I love one of the stories I start so much I just want to keep writing it instead of stopping at the end of the Challenge?
If you get excited about a story that Summer Writing Club has sparked, that’s awesome! Creativity is totally the goal. Feel free to keep writing it (and be sure to tag new chapters, also) so the rest of the Summer Writing Club community can follow along on your progress, too. You can also choose to write a story over the entire summer (July & August) and just submit to the August Challenge.

Do I have to write a Chapter a week?
No, though we suggest you try. Again, the most important thing is to be sure you’re publishing the most original, creative work you can; that’s the most important rule for every writer to follow on Storybird.

Do I win something if I participate?
Summer Writing Club isn’t a contest, so there aren’t prizes. You “win” by having created awesome new books and chapters, and gaining new friends and fans as readers. We’ll link to some of our favorites on the blog all summer, too, so you might get Storybird fame and recognition.

Are there any rules for what I can write about?
The posts at the beginning of the Challenge and each week will give you some guidance in terms of topic, and we promise there will be lots of variety! Otherwise, as usual, you just have to be sure your stories are original (not fanfiction) and that they follow Storybird’s Community & Content Guidelines.

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