Summer Writing Club: July Roundup

Congratulations to the authors who completed the July Summer Writing Club Challenge! It seems that many of you were ready to write your first novelette.

This year’s Summer Writing Club consists of two Challenges: One in July and one in August. Each Challenge will help you write a 5,000 word novel (we’re calling it a “novelette”) made up of multiple chapters. There’s no assigned theme—you can write about anything you want. We’ve featured some of the July stories below. With SO many amazing stories submitted it was difficult to choose the best examples—we encourage you guys to read as many of the entries as possible! Here are some of our favorites:

Love Sick! by Cellona
We enjoyed the character development, plot, and pace of this one.

Heavenly by UB2
This is a contemporary twist on a classic idea, with lots of forward momentum and solid world-building.

Finding My Destiny by DabbyWabby
This story has well-developed characters, antagonist and plot. Moves along nicely.

Honorable Mentions:

Hundreds of stories were submitted to this Challenge and many stood out as good examples of some of the principles we’ve highlighted during July, or as general best practices. Here are a few of them:

Completed stories: Congratulations to the 38 authors in the Challenge with 100% finished novelettes! We are big fans of the enthusiasm and dedication you brought to this Challenge! Here are a couple of examples:

Sparkling Eyes by bennyjulie
True Love by samalama8

The Antagonist: We loved this portrayal of Dyslexia as the antagonist. Great story setup. We really want to know what happens next!

A Story of Our Own by HerosofOlympusfan

World and character building: The world-building in this story creates a strong backdrop for the characters and plot. Is this a ghost story? We’re not sure, but we’re dying to know what’s going to happen next!

Dead Reckoning by 12731

Topical setting: Fictional stories that reflect what’s happening on our planet right now can help build empathy and understanding:

The war in our hearts by almanmuqdas

We found a ton of other great stories, unfortunately many of them were too LONG. You guys really love to write—so please keep those wonderful long stories going. But the goal of SWC is to challenge you, so why not try to hone your editing skills in August? For those of you who didn’t finish your story in July, you can complete your story in August (the maximum word count is 7500 words). We’ll post the full rules for the August challenge tomorrow (8/1), so stayed tuned!

Technical note — for those that entered only a couple of Chapters of a much longer story, you’ll still get the badge for this month.

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