October Challenge: Trick or Treat!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you know what you’re going to dress up as this year? Share it with us in the comments!

In celebration of the year’s most candy-packed holiday, October’s writing challenge is going to be short and sweet. Write a PICTURE BOOK that takes place on one evening: Halloween. Your story should be short (maximum 20 pages) and focused on what happens when your character (or characters) go trick or treating.

These stories can be a little spooky, but they should be fun. We want to see adventure, not horror (we already did that and our poor moderators are still afraid to Storybird in the dark). Candy capers, mistaken identities, ghosties and goblins, great! Terrifying scary stuff… not this time.

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October Challenge: Trick or Treat!

Artwork by Katy Betz


1. Theme of the month: Trick or Treat! - Your challenge this month is to write a PICTURE BOOK (max 20 pages) that takes place on Halloween night. Remember, all stories submitted to the challenge must follow our community guidelines.

2. Choose your artwork – Browse our library of images to find the artwork or artist that inspires you, or search for a specific theme (like “halloween“). Select the PICTURE BOOK format.

3. Submit - When you have finished your book, select “October Challenge” on the details page before you publish. You may only submit one book to the challenge, so make it great!

4. Eligibility – Any Storybird member can participate in our writing challenge. You join simply by participating. Paid membership is not required but it will allow you to display your beautiful badges like the one shown below and receive printable certificates for each challenge.

5. Moderation - Paid membership ensures your work is reviewed within 1-2 days. Otherwise, your work will be reviewed on a first-come, first serve basis and can take up to several weeks to be visible in the public library. We try to accelerate Challenge entries because of the short timeframe, but there are no guarantees.

6. Due date - To be eligible to be featured, your story must be submitted to moderation on or before October 24, 2017. Select stories will be featured on the Storybird blog at the end of the month and may also be featured in our New & Noted section.

Do the Challenge

You must have a Regular account for your story to appear in the public library and to be featured on our blog and to earn the badge. Picture books published from Student accounts are only visible to members of your class and are not eligible for the challenge.

Featured artwork (top) by nidhi; Badge artwork by Jevs

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