Storybird Scribes: September Challenge Roundup

In this challenge we asked you to put into poetry your dreams for a better world. So if you’re wondering what your fellow Storybirders would do to make our planet a better place, read on. We want to extend extra thanks to the panel of judges, whose comments are included below.

“I love the simplicity of this poem. It goes so well with the artwork and fits the theme really well.”

Poem by @Kperspective

“This was one of my absolute favourites! I love the choice of artwork—it seems like I’m reading the guy’s thought process. Really good message.”

Poem by 4thiaf

“One word: preach!”

Poem by readerandwriter13

“This is a great example of artwork and words perfectly complementing each other.”

Poem by Sparkle_Cupcake101

“OK, ladies now let’s get in formation!”

Poem by Diamondwolf24

Congratulations to all of our featured poets this month, and stay tuned for the October challenge. It goes live on Monday morning!

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