November Challenge: Who Cares?

There are so many ways to show someone you care. A smile in the direction of a lonely schoolmate. A hug for a friend who’s having a tough day. A phone call to a far-away family member. Here on Storybird, we often use hearts and comments to show our friends and community members that we care about their creations. And every story you create is a sign of how much you care about writing, and creativity, and art.

This month, your challenge is to write a picture book that shows someone that you care. Maybe it’s a story about a mother and daughter who get in a fight, but ultimately learn to see each other’s perspective. Maybe it’s a story about friendship and beating the odds by working together. Or maybe it’s a tale of two sisters who can’t see eye to eye but share everything else in common.

As you’re writing this book, think about a real person in your life who you would share this book with. Remember not to include any personal information in the book, like last names, schools, or hometowns. But experiment with what it’s like to share your feelings in a story, and show us how you care.

Do the Challenge

November Challenge: Who cares?

Artwork by Jchanart


1. Theme of the month: Who Cares? - Your challenge this month is to write a PICTURE BOOK (max 20 pages) that shows someone how much you care. Remember, all stories submitted to the challenge must follow our community guidelines.

2. Choose your artwork – Browse our library of images to find the artwork or artist that inspires you, or search for a specific theme (like “friend“). Select the PICTURE BOOK format.

3. Submit - When you have finished your book, select “November Challenge” on the details page before you publish. You may only submit one book to the challenge, so make it great!

4. Eligibility – Any Storybird member can participate in our writing challenge, but only stories published from Regular accounts will appear in our public library (see below). Paid membership is not required but it will allow you to display your beautiful badges like the one shown below and receive printable certificates for each challenge.

5. Moderation - Paid membership ensures your work is reviewed within 1-2 days. Otherwise, your work will be reviewed on a first-come, first serve basis and can take up to several weeks to be visible in the public library. We try to accelerate Challenge entries because of the short timeframe, but there are no guarantees.

6. Due date - To be eligible to be featured, your story must be submitted to moderation on or before November 23, 2017. Select stories will be featured on the Storybird blog at the end of the month and may also be featured in our New & Noted section.

Do the Challenge

Please note: Students may enter the challenge but you must have a Regular account for your story to appear in the public library, to be featured on our blog, and to earn the badge. Picture books published from Student accounts are only visible to members of your class and are not eligible for the challenge.

Featured artwork (top) by jchanart; Badge artwork by Jevs

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