Storybird Scribes: October Challenge Roundup

Oh my goblins! Of all the treats we collected last night, your Halloween stories were the sweetest. Here are a few of our favorites from the October Challenge. Congratulations to all of our featured writers this month, and stay tuned for the next challenge coming your way tomorrow!

We loved this happy rhyming tale. One that we’ll want to bookmark and reread every Halloween!

TRICK OR TREAT? It’s Halloween! by danithenerd5822

How far would you go to get Halloween candy? One little boy is put to the test in this delightful romp.

What Would You Do for Candy? by judyjuniper

This story imagines what it would be like to celebrate Halloween as a recent immigrant. We really enjoyed seeing the holiday from the perspective of a different culture.

Trick-or-Treat With a Chinese Accent by goldenpool

There were several stories submitted to the challenge that turned the tables on what we usually think of as scary. This was an adorable twist on who is scaring whom.

Scariest of Them All, by EPpuppies

This book was a lovely reminder of what we sometimes forget Halloween is all about — remembering the dead, and celebrating our memories of them with family.

Finn Figg and the Witch, by elephantgirl17

Oooh, this one was a real mind-bender. Imagine if Halloween was the only day of the year on which you could take off your disguise?

The Night, by RoseBlood

Featured art (top) by Marie Banville

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