Storybird Scribes: November 2017 Roundup

Congratulations to the featured writers from November’s writing challenge! Last month, we asked you to express your feelings for someone you care about in a picture book. The stories you wrote ranged from heartfelt stories about friendship to uplifting reminders of why family is important to you. All of the stories made us so grateful to be part of such a caring community. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we did!

In Case, by Maia101 - This story is honest and touching, great for when you’re feeling down and alone.

Because We’re Family, by FFriesLover - This picture book about the power of family love made us so happy when we read it.

Who Cares?, by Raisedbythewolves - Wonderfully thought-provoking, this story is another one to read if you’re feeling blue.

That Mean Girl, by levenhagens - Sometimes, just a few kind words and actions can make a big difference.

Little Brother, by Booknerd13 - This is such a sweet book written for a sibling. We hope that the author, Booknerd13, shares it with her brother!

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