Storybird Scribes: February Challenge roundup

For February’s challenge, we asked Storybird members to write a single-chapter story that included the theme: “Star-crossed”. The suggestion that went with the theme was:

Two people couldn’t be more different. But somehow, they have found each other. And only by working together can they save themselves and everyone they love.

As always, the constraint of the challenge provides almost infinite storytelling variations.

  • Our first featured story stuck strictly to the prompt and is an insightful and witty look at stereotypes in fiction.
  • The second took the idea of ‘star-crossed’ extremely literally.
  • The third is an empathetic look at Alzheimers that embodies the Wikipedia definition of star-crossed as “thwarted by a malign star”.

As we read through all the entries, we fell a little bit in love with all the stories, so we brought back the honorable mentions (listed after the three featured stories) this time as well.

Honourable mentions:

Waiting for the Sunrise by Jasmine367 — Dusk is the silence of the night. He controls the darkness. But at the beginning of every day Dawn comes, and he can’t but fall in love with her.

The Pit by Tardis0108 — Zoe is a generally good person. So how does she end up in The Pit? And what does a mysterious feather have to do with it all?

HACKED! by Shawdowanglex487 — “Trust Fund Jerk” Alexander Grams has been going by other peoples standards all his life. Never has he gotten a chance to express his feelings. Well, things are about to change when he gets hacked!

Sing to the Wind by doromass — Dortha and Fakre find love, only to be torn apart by the vicious wind. But Fakre is a dragon and dragons never, ever give up or give in.

The Paradise We Dream Of by Tranquility_Tourmaline — “If we stand together, we can make a difference.” “Love is the greatest power there is. Love can outlast anything, and even in dark times of war, love always wins in the end.”

Fox Moon by fizzywaterfallsisters — Fox has always wanted to go to the Moon and drink the light. She climbs the stars and reaches the Moon. But her kits are starving, and the North Star is sick. Together, only Fox and the Moon can help.

Worst Enemy-Best Friend by PoppitBubble — Samantha is Hanna’s worst enemy. With nothing in common, she isn’t sure how she’ll survive the camping trip with Sam’s family. However, when disaster strikes, it’s up to them to save the day-together.

The Oak and the Jay by hawkchuck — A strange friendship builds between a stubborn Stellers Jay and an ancient Oak tree.

Enemies of the Stars. by Zaple — A Servant Boy and a Princess. Without question; the most unlikely couple to ever be. Ask anybody you know -even ask the stars- and they would agree that these lovers should never be.

Kissing the Moon and the Stars by Sweepling — A talented violinist falls deeply in love with the Moon.

As always, congratulations to everyone who was featured this month! Stay tuned for the March Challenge!

P.S. Let us know in the comments if you prefer reading these stories inline, as embeds as the three featured above, or by linking through to them to read them.

Featured artwork by littlepinkpebble

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