Storybird Scribes: June Challenge roundup

The June Challenge asked you to imagine Dad’s Secret Superpower. It could be anything from the ability to fly to the moon, to matching socks from the dryer as long as it was secret, and a superpower. In return, you told us about that superpower and how he uses it for the betterment of all humankind (or just your neighborhood, family, or laundry).

There were lots of compelling stories about superhero dads submitted to the June Challenge. This story stood out by combining the best of all of them: subtle humour, surprise and the idea that the small everyday challenges are sometimes the most heroic…

Eye-sa and the Airplane Method by theworldisastory

“I can’t eat carrots, Papa, so please don’t bother making them for me.” Isa told Papa. Papa smiled, and presented Isa a softened carrot. “Now you can, Isa. I have softened these carrots in a heating device so you can eat them.” Isa frowned. She didn’t want to eat those carrots, and the feeling was mutual. The carrot doubled, tripled, quadrupled, five-upled, six-upled in size! The seasoning formed its green eyes, and a below dent transformed into its mouth. It was the menacing, evil Captain Carrot!

Honourable Mentions:

The man who saved a Train by Elision
Jake’s and his dad ride the train every summer until one year when a disaster occurs. Could his dads tall tales be truth?

Homing Dad by EvaHelloKitty
Sam’s dad has a weird talent for finding a way home, no matter how lost his family might be. He finds lost things, and fixes broken things. But what really captures Sam is the man behind it: his Dad

Eggs for breakfast by thecrystalexplorer
When a Father makes a plate of egg, he unknowingly saves the entire household.

My Daddy the Superhero by SylveonGirl910
My Daddy’s a superhero, and I can PROVE IT!

Dad Academy by Valkyrie1212
Want to become a superdad? Then what are you waiting for? Enrol at Dad Academy today!

Many young boys view their fathers as heroes. In this child’s world, his father actually is a superhero. However, it’s not the intergalactic adventures that have made the greatest impact on his son.

POOF: The Sound of A Boyfriend Disappearing by Bhedgehog
This story is dedicated to my dad, who may not have a fictional superpower but is still pretty super. I hope you enjoy this, and happy Father’s day everyone! <3

Super Power Secrets by lilyhat
Your father has a power. Maybe it’s not physical like flying, but he has a power of love.This father’s day, celebrate your father. And even if you don’t have one, know there is someone who loves you!!

Dads Are Superheroes! by AAASourGirl
Dads are superheroes! That’s why they can read your mind and they are so persuasive. It’s because they are so super!

What Daddy REALLY Does At Work by specialgirlstorieslove16
Timmy finds out that his dad is a superhero, and he is one too! But when his dad goes missing, will we have the strength to save the day?

His Gratitude & Kindness by TryItTutorials
My father had unforgettable kindness and gratitude. And even though he’s gone now, my memories of his love will never be tarnished

As always, congratulations to everyone who was featured this month! Stay tuned for the Summer Writing Club July Challenge!

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