To kick off the Summer Writing Challenge, we asked you to write part 1 of a 2-part Mystery. A cozy, old-school whodunnit detective stories that ends with a cliffhanger — and you did not disappoint! You’ll finish the second and final part of your story in the August Challenge.

We were impressed by how solid these starts were across the board and we love that some of the authors are challenging their readers to take guesses and are dropping subtle hints — lots of fun for both readers and writers.

Here are some stories we’re dying to solve…

Photograph by Minpin “A solid start with a subtle mystery and spooky cliffhanger.”

Wanda’s Eclipse by amgm04 “A well crafted story that gently builds to a shivery level of suspense.”

The Perfect Night by el_gato_the_uncorruptable “In homage to Poirot and ‘I’ve gathered you all here…’”

Also in the Poirot vein…
Don’t Hesitate by Fireyspark9
Mr. Snuggles by GraceHF

More themes to watch:

A slow burn (followed in some cases by a big burn)

Thomas St by Summersunshine03
Firelight by starrysky113

Very grumpy detectives
Blistered Love by rabbit4212
Locke Detective Services by writepoetrystoriesyay54
Crack in the Cage by wunga

Detectives: The Mysterious Disappearance of Rodriquez Looker by goldenpool
Books: The Picture Book Thief by doromass
Hotel towels: Open For Business by pigscanfly54321

And of course, is it murder?
A Drop of Poison by vixbird5
The Paint is on the Wall by ChestnutCrow

Didn’t get featured? Don’t worry, we were impressed by the high quality of all stories, you’ll have another chance with part 2 in August — so stay tuned for the August Challenge, coming right up!

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