What are Featured Stories?

A lot of people have asked us about the stories we feature on Storybird. Or, more specifically, how to get their stories featured on Storybird. So we sat down with our community expert SkyBluePurple to get the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes.

What are Featured Stories?
Featured stories are the stories that are in the marquee, or as I like to call it, the “flippy thing” at the top of the read pages. They are usually the first stories that new Storybirders see when they arrive!

Who selects the stories to feature on Storybird?
Lots of people do, including you! The staff makes the final selections, but we take into account what stories are really popular within the Storybird community.

How does Storybird choose which stories to feature?
It’s really important to us that Featured stories are complete, so all Featured stories must have the three key building blocks of storytelling: A beginning, a middle, and most important, an ending. We put the spotlight on stories that are well written, have good grammar, and keep you interested. Basically, Featured stories are really awesome examples of how great a Storybird book can be.

Can my story be featured?
Sure! Anybody can have a Featured story, but like I said before, the stories have to be finished and have all of the other qualities I listed, so it’s something that takes a lot of time and practice! Remember, very few stories make it to the “flippy thing”!

Can I suggest/nominate a story to be featured?
Well, yes and no… We do not have a place to nominate or vote for a story to be featured, but we watch the comments and hearts and such things to see what is really resonating with you, the readers. That’s definitely a consideration when we are selecting stories to be Featured.

Are Featured Stories the same as New & Noted?
Kinda, but not exactly. A lot of the requirements are the same: New & Noted stories must be really well written, so they have to have good grammar and spelling. They have to make you feel… something. They can be funny, or poignant. They can make you think, or cry, or laugh. But most of all, these are the kind of stories that make you want more.

Another difference is that New & Noted stories don’t have to be finished! Say we are reading a story and are a few chapters in, and we can’t wait to see the next chapter… Then that’s a good choice for New & Noted. Lastly, sometimes books can be Noted but not necessarily New, so you might see us select some “oldies but goodies” that are awesome, but may not have been seen by new folks on Storybird.

Who picks New & Noted stories?
Oh, that’s a secret. I can’t tell you.

Can my story be New & Noted?
Sure, just like with Featured, if you keep working at it, and keep improving your writing and storytelling skills, you can most definitely have a New & Noted story!

OK, so I understand Featured and New & Noted. What’s the deal with Popular?
Popular stories are ranked by computer. Basically, software does it through stuff like how many reads a story gets, community feedback like hearts and comments, and a few other magic beans.

How does a story become Popular?
Usually popular stories have all of the same characteristics of New & Noted and Featured stories because, lets face it, everyone likes a good story, right? Good spelling, grammar, interesting plot, fun characters that you either love (or love to hate)… things like that.

One last thing before we go. What is the CP (Creative Partner) program?
A few years ago we had a group of professional writers and some of our best Storybird authors team up with artists to create a series of original stories to feature on the site. It’s not an ongoing program—it was just a cool way to showcase how artists and authors can work together to create some really great books.

Several of the authors in our Creative Partner program have gone on to receive publishing deals, and one of the books that started on Storybird is hitting bookstores next week on October 3rd. What’s even cooler is that this book was also illustrated by Storybird superstar artist, Pascal Campion. Talk about inspirational. #GOALS!

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