January Challenge: Best Intentions

The new year has begun, and whether you’re bundled up in the cold or basking in summer (looking at you, Aussies!), it’s a great time to think about the year ahead. Lots of people make resolutions to do something different at the beginning of a new year, but it can be hard to change your habits—especially if it means giving up something you really like (looking at you, chocolate).

So instead of thinking about a resolution as something you have to change this year, let’s put a positive spin on it and think about what you want to achieve this year. Is it writing every day? It is being brave enough to publish your first public story? Is it discovering a new author, or making some new friends on Storybird? Earning 100 crowns? Or maybe entering three challenges in a row!

Whatever your Storybird intention is for the year, we’re here to help you reach your goals. Starting with the first challenge of the year. Write a poem expressing your hopes, or your best intention for the new year. By putting it in writing, you’re one step closer to making your dreams come true.

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January 2018 Challenge: Best Intentions


1. Theme of the month: Best Intentions - Your challenge this month is to write a POEM that sets your intention for the year to come. Remember, all poetry submitted to the challenge must follow our community guidelines.

2. Choose your artwork – Browse our library of images to find the artwork or artist that inspires you, or search for a specific theme (like “friendship“). Select the POETRY format.

3. Submit - When you have finished your poem, select “January Challenge” on the details page before you publish. You may only submit one poem to the challenge, so make it great!

4. Eligibility – Any Storybird member can participate in our writing challenge, but only poetry published from Regular accounts will appear in our public library (see below). Paid membership is not required but it will allow you to display your beautiful badges like the one shown below and receive printable certificates for each challenge.

5. Moderation - Poetry does not require moderation.

6. Due date - To be eligible to be featured, your poem must be submitted to moderation on or before January 24, 2018. Select poems will be featured on the Storybird blog at the end of the month.

Do the Challenge

Please note: You must have a Regular account to enter the challenge—Student accounts are not eligible. Poetry must be published from Regular accounts to appear in the public library, to be featured on our blog, and to earn the badge. Poetry published from Student accounts are only visible to members of your class and do not appear in the public library.

Featured artwork (top) by Marie Banville, Badge artwork by littlepinkpebble

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