Storybird Scribes: December 2017 Roundup

Happy New Year, Storybirders!

We had so much fun reading all of your challenge entries over the break and we hope you had fun writing them. We can tell you all worked hard on your stories this month—there were so many good ones to choose from, we had a really hard time narrowing it down. So without further delay, here are our picks for some great do-overs.

Katie, by NewMoonHaunt - His re-do could fix his life, but John uses his second chance for something different. This story about a father and daughter was so touching it made us reach for the kleenex. You’ve been warned.

Go Back? by InvisibleBooks - Jatin’s not looking forward to New Years, he hasn’t talked to his best friend since winter break started. Jatin doesn’t know how to make it right, but then everything changes near midnight…

The Do-Over, by limepanda - When Scarlet turns 12, her father tells her that she has the chance to go back in time only once in her life. She has to choose wisely and she needs to get back before the time runs out.

Never, or Forever, by ShadowPoppy - All Megan has ever wanted is to be loved by Michael, but when her chance is stolen, she wishes for a redo. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

One Last Chance, by Zaple - I’m Joe’s conscience. Now, that’s a pretty tough title to live up to, so I spend my days convincing Joe that what he needs more than anything this New Year’s Eve, is a do-over; just one last chance.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and earned their badge. Here’s to another fabulous year of writing together in 2018! Stay tuned for the January challenge coming soon…

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