November's Featured Challenge: Dragons

Sir Bumblefred’s Prep School for Dragons – a magical institution so beloved that its attendance is sought after by every scaly, fire-breathing young pupil in the land. 

Finally accepted into the prestigious school, your dragon shows up and, much like any new kid in class, faces some challenges… 

In this month’s featured Challenge, we want you to write a story about a new student at Sir Bumblefred’s Prep School for Dragons. 

Your longform story must come from your own imagination—no Dragon Academy knock-offs, no vikings named Hiccup or Astrid and friends, and, sorry, Hagrid and Charlie Weasley must leave their love of dragons in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. 

To learn how to build your very own, totally original fantasy world, check out this AMAZING new course with Shannon Messenger, the best-selling author of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series!

Challenge entries can be submitted until November 30, and we will post the roundup here on the blog a week later on December 7. Remember to leave feedback on three other stories in order to participate in the Challenge. 

And don’t forget that you can nominate up to three of your favorite stories for the roundup by clicking the red dragon. So write, read, comment, and nominate! Instructions here.

Finally, keep your Animal Eyes out for the October Challenge roundup, coming next week…

Good luck, Dragons, and happy first day of school!

Yours truly,

Sir Bumblefred

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