October 2018 Challenge Roundup

I know this challenge was about Point of View, but who could have foreseen how awesome all these stories would be?! 

Thank you to every single participant in this month’s Animal Eyes Challenge. We were so proud reading all of the nuanced, eye-opening perspectives that all of you created. One of the most difficult storytelling skills is the ability to jump into an unfamiliar headspace. Luckily, Storybirders like yourselves rose up to the challenge with stellar results! 

The stories in this month’s roundup demonstrate just how much creativity and growth you all have to offer. One thing was clear when we were reading these: whether you’re a lovely butterfly, a soaring raven, or a curious owl, you’re all creative Story Birds!

Take a look at the featured stories for  October’s Animal Eyes Challenge:


Wordless Sky by ArcticWolfLady

Not all perspective has to be direct. Sometimes, as in this story, a point of view can be expressed through more literary elements like lyrical prose and symbols. 

In My Head by smarty_pug_176

As another example of an indirect perspective, this story of a runaway wolf shows us how inner emotions can be expressed subtly through literary devices. 

Because I am Wild by windjammer1002

Many fantastic stories this month involved multiple perspectives, and this jaunty, rhythmic tale was one of the funnest! (Sorry, most fun. Oh, who gives a hoot.)

The Day The Sea Turned Black by SPIXMACAW

Warning: this is a sad story. Sometimes humans don’t treat animals with the respect they deserve, and this tale of an oil spill told from a seagull’s perspective shines a light on that fact. 

Butterfly by NoraLynn

Why, oh why, wasn’t I born a butterfly? You might ask yourself the same question after reading this lovely and poetic story. 

My Eyes Have Seen by InvisibleBooks

Here’s a story to give a hoot about—a grandfather owl sharing the profound secrets of life to his grandchild. It should give you a new appreciation for all of life’s adventures! 

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