November 2018 Challenge Roundup

This month’s challenge was about more than just dragons and facing the challenges of a new school. Actually, nevermind, that was basically exactly what it was about. 

But all of you took these elements, expanded on them, and wowed us with brilliant, touching, and sometimes hilarious stories. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s Dragon Challenge. When working with imaginary creatures and ideas, having a strong sense of imagination is key. Good thing Storybirders are some of the most unique and creative writers around! 

The stories this month truly demonstrate the vast scope of imagination present amongst all of you. You came up with all kinds of dragons: dragons who’d rather grow lettuce than fly, dragons who share a certain trait with butterflies, and even robot-winged-future-dragons!

Take a look at the featured stories for November’s Dragon Challenge:

Coded, by LJsupernova7

Who said dragons need to surround themselves with caves and ancient treasure? This hi-tech tale brings the scaly critters in for an upgrade. 

Dragon Hill, by goldenpool

“But Mom, I don’t wanna go to that Dumble-Bore school!” Dragons can be hilarious too. 

Soaring On Earth, by tonyregent

A lot of you wrote fantastic opening chapters, and this was one of the best. Unique, claustrophobic, and enticing, this chapter will leave you wanting more. 

Stranger to the Loved, by Moonwisper1

A common theme among the entries this month was being an outcast. This entry tells the lonely tale of Vidia, a rare and socially alienated Ash dragon gearing up for the first day of class. 

Talons of Power, by specialgirlstorieslove16

What happens when a battle-trained dragon “feels about as dangerous as a leaf in a winter storm?” Find out what happens to Burn in this character-based entry. 

Scale-Tamer, by Taionia_Aeren

Booming, larger-than-life, and downright cinematic, Scale-Tamer feels like the opening chapter to a soaring fantasy epic…And it just might be.  

The Bad Beginning, by naomioko

Nortbert loves to garden, can’t fly, and hates his dorky name. Wait, is this story still about dragons? Way to subvert every genre trope in the book, naomioko. Well done!

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