Feb 2018 Challenge: Across the Universe

Imagine you have left Earth and traveled far out into space. Maybe you live in a space station. Perhaps you have colonized another planet. You could be floating in an escape pod after your rocket ship exploded. Or you’ve been captured by aliens. There are so many possibilities!

You have the chance to transmit a letter back home to Earth. Who would you write to? What would you say? This month’s challenge is to write that letter. Describe where you are, what you see, what it feels like, and what you’re doing. Maybe share some of the things you miss about Earth, or about the person you’re writing to. Do you have any advice to send home? A warning? A new discovery?

Let your imagination run free and really try to put yourself into that situation. Take some time to think about what you’d write before you begin — you have until February 21st to complete the challenge. It’s fun to let your mind wander, so enjoy the ride! We can’t wait to read about your adventures.

P.S. Keep in mind that although you are writing a letter, you should not include any personal information like your last name, your hometown, or your school. Sharing that kind of information goes against our community guidelines, which we use to keep everyone safe.

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February 2018 Challenge: Across the Universe


1. Theme of the month: Across the Universe - Your challenge this month is to write a letter from outer space to someone you left behind on Earth. Your entry must be a SINGLE-CHAPTER LONGFORM. Remember, all stories submitted to the challenge must follow our community guidelines—no personal information, please.

2. Choose your artwork – Browse our library of images to find the artwork or artist that inspires you, or search for a specific theme (like “space“). Select the LONGFORM format.

3. Submit - When you have finished your letter, select “February Challenge” on the details page before you publish. You may only submit one chapter to the challenge, so make it great!

4. Eligibility – Any Storybird member with a Regular account can participate in our writing challenges. Students are not eligible. Paid membership is not required but it will allow you receive beautiful printable certificates for each challenge.

5. Moderation - Paid membership ensures your work is reviewed within 1-2 days. Otherwise, your work will be reviewed on a first-come, first serve basis and can take up to several weeks to be visible in the public library. We try to accelerate Challenge entries because of the short timeframe, but there are no guarantees. You may redeem Crowns for Express Moderation.

6. Due date - To be eligible to be featured, your chapter must be submitted to moderation on or before February 21, 2018. Selected entries will be featured on the Storybird blog at the end of the month.

Do the Challenge

Please note: You must have a Regular account to enter the challenge—Student accounts are not eligible. Stories must be published from Regular accounts to appear in the public library and to be featured on our blog. Stories published from Student accounts are only visible to members of their class and do not appear in the public library.

Featured artwork (top) by Ingvard, Badge artwork by claudiocerri

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