January 2018 Challenge Round-Up

To kick off our Challenges in 2018, we asked you to write a poem expressing your hopes for the new year. Instead of thinking about a New Year’s resolution as something you have to change, we asked you think about what you wanted to achieve—your Best Intentions.

We loved all the responses that poured in! (Literally, poured. 2,725 poems were submitted to the challenge in January and, yes, we read every one.) It was much too hard to narrow down our panel of judges’ favorites to just three, so we picked a lucky 13 instead.

Thank you to everyone who participated for inspiring us to set some awesome goals for 2018. Top of our list? Writing every day!

This perfectly sums up all of our hopes in one simple phrase. Thank you, wildhorsegirl!

princesspickles, we will TOTALLY stand up and be champions with you.

We were impressed by how well readerandwriter13 wove all of these words together into a beautiful poem. Well done!

Shout it from the rooftops! You are perfect, just the way you are. Thanks for the reminder, foreverhopeful.

AuthorUnknown knows the secret to happiness: Smile every day. Love how the words match the image.

summerpomg is absolutely right: You should never underestimate your importance in this world.

The world needs courageous leaders! You can make a difference. Take Rainyrules16‘s advice and be brave!

LeeliWingfeather, this is an awesome goal. We will be rooting for you!

It can be hard to find the good in people when the world feels scary or life is hard. But saren1717 is so right: Love strong, no matter what, and things will get better.

This is what we wish for EVERYONE on Storybird! TheStoryWriterThatCanSing must be a mind reader.

Carpe diem! Seize the day! You only get one beautiful life. Listen to Vandathil and use it well.

We agree with happy_mustache12345. This is the dog’s honest truth.

To wrap things up simply, in the words of ManiacalKitten, write beautiful words. And we will read them.

Featured art (top) by littlepinkpebble

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