Writing Prompt: The Winter Olympics

Welcome to the Storybird Winter Olympics!

We’re so excited to be reporting to you live from Pyeongchang, South Korea, where we’re about to watch the finals of the __________.

Who will take home the gold medal?

We’re trying out something new on the Storybird blog… One line writing prompts! Think of them as tiny, bite-sized challenges that you can do instantly. Just post a comment! There’s no judging or awards. It’s just a fun little game to get your creative sparks flying. Try it out! Just follow the instructions:

In the comments below, finish the above sentence with the wildest, craziest, most outrageous winter sport you can imagine. Then read through the other responses and vote up your favorites!

If you’re feeling inspired to write a whole story about your imaginary Olympic sport, go for it! Tag it with StorybirdOlympics to share it with the community.

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