March 2018 Challenge Roundup

Once upon a time, there was a magical land filled with beautiful artwork. Every day, the subjects of this land would write wonderful stories inspired by art and filled with colorful characters. These tales were exciting, adventurous, thrilling, and romantic. This land was called Storybird, and everyone loved it there. Everyone except the evil Glitch.

The Glitch lived deep in the servers of the underworld. Storybird’s powerful wizards guarded the gates of Storybird and kept the Glitch and his minions at bay. Until one day, the Glitch escaped and attacked! The wizards released the birds, but they were defeated. For two days, the battle raged. The wizards did not sleep. They did not eat. They did not return home to their families. The people of Storybird cowered in their homes, watching and waiting as the sun rose and set and rose once again. They were helpless against this powerful foe, and lost without their stories.

But on the second day, just before sundown, just when they thought all was lost, the wizards discovered the ultimate weapon to defeat the Glitch: It was his beloved bunny. You see, the Glitch had no friends in the underworld. His only companion was a pet rabbit. And, luckily for the wizards, he loved this rabbit more than he loved power. He craved bunny snuggles more than he craved world domination. So when the wizards kidnapped the bunny and confronted their enemy with their captive, the Glitch had no choice but to surrender.

Ever noble and true to their word, the Wizards let the Glitch return to the underworld with his beloved bunny, as long as he vowed never to return. Storybird was free! The subjects returned to their stories. The royal tribune granted all Storybird challengers two extra days to make up for all that they had lost during the siege. And they all lived happily ever after.

We hope you enjoyed OUR fairytale as much as we enjoyed reading yours this month. Thank you for your patience with the site glitch during the challenge entry period this month, and the delay in posting the roundup. Without further ado, here is the roundup of our favorite unexpected fairy tales!

Blue, by LUVSPRINGfan
You’ve all heard of Little Red Riding Hood. Well, here’s what really happened, according to her sister, Big Blue.

The Earth Sorcerer, by maribelza
This is a beautiful story about how Mother Earth came into existence.

The One Who Could Fly Free, by Diamond_Echoes_24
It’s tough being a princess and walking around with a target on your back all the time. But Genevieve is tough, too. She doesn’t need a prince to rescue her.

Warrior Legend, by Dani62
This story of a princess who questions authority is so good it gave us goosebumps.

The Pea Plot, by funfetticake06
Who needs a prince when you’ve got a green thumb? All hail, Princess Ginger!

Stinkerbell and the Mean Prank, by wiest456
Not all fairies are buttercups and belles. Some are wicked pranksters.

Once Upon a Curse, by Golden_Fire
Briar is cursed. When she reaches the age of sixteen, she will be trapped inside a book. But can Briar write her own story?

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