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We have one goal here at Storybird: To help you become the very best writer that you can be. Actually, two goals: To inspire your creativity and imagination with beautiful art. No, hold on, three goals: To create a safe, supportive, and positive space where you can make amazing friends and have fun. Right. Three goals. With a side of potatoes. And chocolate. Wait, how do we ALWAYS end up back at chocolate?

Let’s go back to the beginning. Becoming an awesome writer. Yes. This.

Storybird has always been about, well, stories. Those original, creative, mind-blowing tales that spring from your brain and come to life on the screen. Millions of writers like you have published their work on Storybird, and every day we discover new ideas and ways of seeing the world that we never could have imagined.

And what makes this even more incredible is that writing is hard work. Sitting down at the keyboard day after day to create something totally original takes discipline, practice, and skill. It takes grit. It takes sticktoitiveness (yes, that’s really a word, you can look it up).

When we launched Crowns and Badges, we created a way to help motivate you to write every day. That’s discipline. Weekly writing prompts and Challenges encourage you to try out new ideas and start new stories. That’s practice. Now, we’re going to help you unlock the third piece of the puzzle: skill.

Our new How-to Guides build your skills with step-by-step instructions, prompts, and resources to help you become a better writer.

The Guides explore writing themes like plot and character. Select beginner guides are free for all members, and you can use Crowns to unlock intermediate guides and special topics like how to write mythology, how to master dialogue, and how to build fantasy worlds.

When you upgrade your membership, you get unlimited access to all of the guides. You’ll unlock dozens of advanced guides and get free downloads and worksheets to help you master your skills in all areas of writing: fiction, poetry, screenplays, songwriting, video game narratives, and more.

New guides are being added each week. Becoming a great writer doesn’t happen overnight. So why not start the journey right now? Choose a topic and get started. We can’t wait to read your next book!

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the How-to Guides. Feel free to leave us a note here in the comments telling us you think, and let us know what topics you’d like the guides to cover in the future. Which guides are your favorites? Which ones do you find most helpful? Least helpful? What do you want to learn about writing? We’re all ears.

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