May 2018 Challenge Roundup

When you were tasked with choosing the featured stories for the Second Person POV Challenge, you never expected this. So many heartfelt and hilarious tales leapt out at you. They spoke to you directly; touching, yet powerful. You didn’t realize the Storybird community would share stories so imaginative yet so close to the heart. Every time you read the word “you,” it was like they were reaching out at you straight from their souls.

And the things you learned! Before this, you had no idea how to tame a dragon or how to take care of a llama.

You’d like to personally thank and congratulate everyone who participated in last month’s challenge. The Storybird team had a wonderful time reading all the challenge entries. Without further ado, you present the Second Person POV Challenge Roundup!

Before This, by cookie_monster8148

One part picture book, one part call to adventure. Are you ready to color in the blank pages of your life? 

YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN NOW! by Valeriethewriter7

Adulting can be hard, but even through the roughest (and silliest) times. Luckily, you’re strong enough to make it through. 

When Things Fall, by IsobelGreene2

This poetic take on precipitation will help you maintain a positive mental attitude!

The Beginner’s Guide to Dragon Taming, by dragonwings2673

This story takes an in-depth look at the difficulties of taming your dragon. Challenges include getting them to not eat you. 

The Girl With Wings, by optomist2005

This is the tale a one secretly-winged girl, and multiple points of view. Will she ever become The Queen with Wings? 

How To Care For A Llama, by Peyton40

If you’re ever tempted to get a pet goat, remember that your llama will always stick by you. 

Dark Sky, by Bacardii

Equal parts absurd and ominous, Dark Sky is a poetic exploration into the concept of darkness. 

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