Creative Courses are Here!

Sweet Mother of Chocolate Bunnies, Courses are LIVE! 

*ahem* I mean…

Whether in creativity or in life, Storybird wants to help you do your best. That’s why we launched Creative and Prep Courses, a new feature where members can receive step-by-step instruction in specialized creative writing fields—and boost their academic skills.

So hold on to your chocolate bunnies!

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at Song Lyrics with Arabella Harrison, a singer-songwriter and instructor at School of Rock, San Diego. Members are already humming about it, saying “I feel like with these courses my songwriting could go somewhere!”

Now, as part of the official launch of courses, we’re excited to release Video Game Writing with Halo, Rift, and Spartan Ops narrative designer Morgan Lockhart. It’s an incredible deep dive into writing for one of the world’s most exciting industries. 

Here’s Morgan, talking about what drew her to game writing and why it’s so exciting:

Jump into a course now. For fun, to learn new things—or even to test if you have what it takes to write music or video games like a pro. (Remember that we’re launching Graphic Novels and Television writing in a few weeks.)

Each online course contains lessons, challenges, tons of resources, and videos featuring industry experts, artists, and professionals. 

Bonus! Courses also include quizzes, a way to test what you’ve learned—and earn Crowns! Learn AND earn! (We’re working on trying to add chocolate to a course, but haven’t quite figured that out yet.)

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