June 2018 Challenge Roundup

The Storybird flitted its way through the long, mundane day. Check the mail, vacuum the nest, pick up fresh worms at the store. It was one of those dull summer afternoons when everything was plodding along slowly and predictably.

Finally finished with all the chores, Storybird was ready to kick up its lil feet and watch some Netflix. But when the laptop opened, Storybird spiraled into a strange new world. A world full of bright colors, faeries, time travel, and penguins. 

“Huh?!” exclaimed Storybird. 

It turned out Storybird was just reading the June 2018 challenge round up! Just like all of us at Storybird.com, the real Storybird became immersed in the lush, strange and altogether original worlds that you all created for this month’s challenge. 

So without further ado, let’s get to the roundup. 

Elsewhere, by Galanik_2 

Time Crystals, spider people, the yawning abyss, Oh My! Elsewhere packs all this into one absurd chapter about adventuring between dimensions.

Pengutopia, by GreenFluff

We never said you had to start off with humans! Who knew the bottom of the sea would lead to a Penguin Paradise? 

Paper Wings, by Pastel_Pickpocket13

How far away can you fly from your bullies on paper wings? The answer is worlds away! 

Promised Tale, by Fantasy123

It was a book of tales Promise never wanted to read again. That is, until she started living them. 

Voice, by LeahJH

Peer pressure can be damaging to everyone. Even inanimate objects, at least in a world where they can try you for your crimes against them. 

Endergrey, by Mustache_Cat

You know what they say, the grass is always purpler on the other side. The neighbours are also a little more…Faerie-like. 

Alone, by awesome1000000

Can mermaids faint underwater? Or do they just sort of float upright? You might not find the answers here, but you will find a lush underwater world full of intriguing characters. 

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