New Course Badges and Certificates!

We all know that becoming a better writer is awesome. Our Prompts, Challenges, How-to Guides, and Courses are designed to make your imagination blossom onto the page. 

But do you know what’s just as awesome as that stuff? 

Showing off how awesome you are at stuff!

Courses now have extra snazzy badges and certificates! 

Show your friends (on and off Storybird) how cool you are by becoming an Expert Songwriter, or a Pro Video Game Writer. 

You can  also check how far you’ve made it and how many crowns you’ve earned with your Course progress bar. 

Yes, I said it:

Gain crowns by completing in-course quizzes!

Learn and Earn, people! 

You can unlock all Creative and Prep Courses with Membership.

We’re launching four Creative courses and four Prep courses over the summer. Even more in the fall. All courses are online.

Membership also includes more than 50 How to Write Guides, fast moderation, unlimited downloads—everything you need to boost your mind and your grades!

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