New How-to Guides for Weekend Writing

While we’ve been busy launching Courses on song lyrics and video games, the team hasn’t ignored our How-to Guides. Three new ones are up, just in time for your weekend writing.

How to Give Feedback 

Giving feedback can be tricky—you want to be honest and helpful, but you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Here are some guidelines to help you maintain that balance.

Writing for an Audience 

There might be ten-year-olds reading at teenage-levels, or history buffs who also love fantasy. But in general, a ten-year-old will expect different content than a teenager, who might be ready for more “adult” topics. In all likelihood, a history buff will want more factual accuracy than a fantasy reader.  So as a writer, ask yourself. Who am I writing for?

Screenwriting Basics 

Want to write movies? If you’ve ever seen a script, you’ll know it looks very different than a novel or a short story. In this lesson, we’ll explore what makes screenwriting unique, and teach you the basic building blocks of screenplay formatting. (Includes examples from Toy Story!)

What Guides are you loving? What should we add next? Let us know in the comments!

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