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Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and YouTubeTV have changed all the rules in television. Gone are the days of laugh-track formulas and primetime Thursday night must-see TV.

Today, exciting new shows and formats and genres are emerging all the time, from Pretty Little Liars, 13 Reasons Why, and Jessica Jones, to Dear White People, Riverdale, and Stranger Things.

And you know who is at the center of that new world? Writers. In television, writers literally run the show, whether it’s an epic fantasy series, a gripping police drama, or a whip-smart sitcom. 

Now you can learn everything you need to know about Television Writing with our brand new Course led by Degrassi: Next Class executive producer, writer, and Showrunner Sarah Glinski. 

Take a peek at this preview:

Join Sarah behind the scenes (and behind the screen) as she gives you a new perspective on creating characters, structuring episodes, and pitching series. Take the plunge into TV Writing now! 

Still undecided about whether Storybird Courses are for you? Check out what members have been saying about our Graphic Novel, Video Game, and Song Lyrics Courses:

Why are they all so stoked, you ask? Each course contains lessons, challenges, and tons of resources, as well as videos featuring industry experts, artists, and professionals.

Or maybe it’s because of all the awesome badges you can earn, like this latest one:

Whatever you’re waiting for, don’t wait long. The future of television is happening now. And that future needs writers like you. Are you ready to run the show?

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