Learn to Write Graphic Novels!

Great Fudgy Bunny Rabbits with Golden Caramel Fur, we launched another course!

Sorry…I swear I won’t do that every time. 

We here at Storybird want to see you become not only a great writer, but a versatile writer. We want to see you challenge yourself with new genres, forms, and methods of storytelling. 

So break free from your normative narrative habit and Learn to Write Graphic Novels with Pashmina author and beloved Storybird artist Nidhi Chanani.

Here’s Nidhi talking about Graphic Novels: 

Jump in and take the course now! You’ll have a new appreciation for comics, you’ll learn fascinating things about art and stories, and you’ll have fun. 

Like, so much fun. Like fudgy-bunny-levels of fun.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what members are saying about courses:

See, aren’t you dying to take our Songwriting and Video Game Writing courses now? Each one contains lessons, challenges, tons of resources, and videos featuring industry experts, artists, and professionals.

Oh! And all of our courses are covered in golden caramel—wait… No they are not covered in golden caramel fur. (I forgot that we weren’t talking about bunnies.) They come with gorgeous, exclusive badges, like this one! 

So what are you waiting for? Begin your Graphic Novel today!

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