August 2018 Challenge Roundup


The office is calm. Workers are effortlessly typing away at keyboards and having friendly conversations around the coffeemaker. A sunbeam shines on to the secretary’s desk. All is well. 

Just then, Storybird cofounders Mark and Kaye stroll into the peaceful workspace. Intern Nort Flimper, a little less tense than usual, greets them.

What’s the word, Nort? 

(Looks at papers)
Sector D is now entirely secure, we’ve fixed the leaky filters, and Margey fired Jeff over the milk chocolate mixup. 

Classic Margey. 

(Breathes a sigh of relief)
That was a real doozy of a challenge! I don’t know about you guys but I feel great after reading so many awesome entries.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s TV Talk Challenge! We’re grateful to all of you who submitted a scene. The conversations you created were imaginative, exciting and nuanced, and demonstrate your continuing growth and creativity as writers.

Just don’t forget us when you become superstar TV creators!

Here are the featured stories for August 2018 TV Talk Challenge:

Monster, by CoraJ

This imaginative and strange dystopian tale shows a silver lining to its town’s nefarious rituals. As the title suggests, one of the characters is a monster. The question is, who is it?

Stopping the Car, by GraceMack

This conversation is hilarious, and all-too familiar. Everyone has been on a difficult family car trip, and the dialogue here is so painfully accurate to that experience. It also includes an awesomely cliché-smashing ending.

The Time We’ve Let Slip By, by Vivaldi685

While the days may move slowly, the years can go by in an instant. At the end of high school, three friends reminisce over times they’ve had together as well as the future ahead. This emotionally mature scene explores the weight of times past.

THE BABIES COMING, by treblemaker

As far as scenes go, the “Mom’s going into labor!” one is an exciting choice. Follow this zany family as they begin to welcome their newest member into the world.

Categories Alive, by misskimberely

Meta, hilarious, and created with multiple layers of personification, Categories Alive celebrates genres of fiction through its characters, one of whom is part tiger, part rabbit, part dog, and part deer.

TV Talk: The Catastrophic Newscast, by KnightOfArrethtrae

There’s nothing like good ‘ol fashion silliness to make your scene awesome! What do you get when you put ice cream, local TV news, and a suspicious lack of microphones together? Read this story to find out.

Dakota, by jessiebare

Sometimes the best dialogue is about what’s not being said. Dakota is a great example of how a seemingly simple conversation can be dripping with subtext and intrigue.

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