July 2018 Challenge Roundup

Phew! That first level was a doozy. It really pulled me into the experience, almost like I was really there! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s Level 1 Challenge! It was such a pleasure exploring all the detailed and extravagant video game worlds you created, even if it was a massive challenge to pick our featured stories. There were just so many great ones! 

The stories in this Roundup just go to show you the wide variety of imagination that all Storybirders possess. Where else are people creating awesome characters like skateboarding hooligans, wild animals, cookie thieves, and space dragons?

And now I think I’m ready for Level 2!

(Just kidding, I’m gonna go play outside for a while).

Check out the featured stories for July’s Level 1 Challenge:

Astralnaut by Maste120

Follow Kate’s kaleidoscopic adventure into the unfathomable depths of our starry galaxy. Did I mention it has space dragons AND space giants? 

The Thieving Pok-Poks of Sweetlandia by nightwolf22

A lot of fantastic entries utilized JuliusTan’s artwork this month, and but nightwolf22’s story takes the cake…literally. Enjoy this cute, funny, laid back tale involving candy stealing critters, chilled-out giants, and pirate bunnies. 

Skateboarding Struggle by SleepySnail06

You don’t have to know how to skateboard in real life, but you should know how to be a teamplayer! Join your team of rebellious skaters and press play on this character-heavy story. 

Digits by ITechnical

Some say phones are taking over our lives, but this story takes that idea to a whole new (video game) level! Make sure you have Wi-Fi and prepare to battle your neighbor/Tutorial Guardian. 

Mission Antagonist by storyteller19287

Autumn’s on a poetic trip through an exciting new world. The spacy, lyrical nature of this piece complements the art of LittlePinkPebble wonderfully. 

The Game Of Wild Life by 217762

What, did you think Nature was going to be an easy obstacle? The charm of this survival tale is the attention paid to the game’s rules, enemies, world, and narration, creating an immersive experience for gamer and the reader alike. 

The Girl Who Gamed by firesprite72

Introverted Tammy was a veteran gamer with an impressive collection of games, but her latest collectible is proving a little too real for her liking. This clever story offers unicorns, dragons, and a worthwhile lesson. 

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