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Ready or not, here comes school! It’s August, which means the lazy days of summer are winding down and the smell of new backpacks is filling the air—at least in the northern hemisphere. (Sorry, Australia. We see you down there. Promise.)

We’ve had a ton of fun here at Storybird over the past couple of months learning how to write Song Lyrics and Graphic Novels, practicing our TV writing and dreaming up new Video Games. We hope you’ve had fun, too, learning all that good stuff and getting to know our experts writing coaches along the way.

But the fun doesn’t end when school starts. On the contrary, it all just keeps getting better. Today we’re launching Prep Courses, your ticket to cruising into the classroom ready to take your writing game to a whole new level.

Prep Courses are designed to give you insider info, direct from real life teachers, about what you’ll need to know for school this year. Each course contains lessons, activities, and videos hosted by some of the biggest YouTube teacher vloggers on the scene.

NOW LIVE! Heading into grades 3-6? Learn the Secrets to Success for Grades 3-4 and get a Skills Boost for 5th and 6th Grades. These courses are hosted by SmartieStyle aka Miss Robinson, a YouTube star and 3rd grade teacher in Southern California. Her videos have been viewed over half a million times, so you know she’s legit.  

Tune in next week for Writing Tips and Tricks for grades 7-8, and College-Ready Writing for high schoolers, hosted by C.J. Reynolds. Reynolds is a high school literature teacher from West Philadelphia and the host of the YouTube teacher vlog Real Rap with Reynolds. He also teaches the history of hip hop, so we’re pretty sure our cool factor just bumped up a couple digits just by hanging out with him. 

Storybird Prep Courses are designed to bring out your very best writing. The tips and tricks you will learn are universal yet unique, and our instructors are excited to share them with you. So put your mind to the test, crank your skills up a notch, and get ready to rock this school year!

You can unlock all Creative and Prep Courses with Membership. All courses are online.

 Membership also includes more than 50 How to Write Guides, fast moderation, unlimited downloads—everything you need to boost your mind and your grades!

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