Ready, Set, WRITE

Aug 29, 2018

Ready, Set, WRITE

Get ready to have your mind blown because MORE OF ALL THE THINGS are coming to Storybird. Challenges are about to get even bigger, even better, even badge-ier than ever. 

The only thing we love more than inventing monthly challenges is reading your entries to the challenges. Whether they are TV screenplays that should have been acquired by Netflix yesterday, video game narratives that would knock Mario off his Kart, or weirdly wonderful worlds worthy of the White Rabbit, Storybird writers—you guys—show us month after month that we’ve got some of the most creative minds on the Internet publishing stories right here in our little nest.

So we’ve got big plans for how to help you come up with even more story ideas, and how to get your stories noticed by even more readers. 

New and improved Challenges are coming soon (like, really soon) but here is a teeny tiny sneak peek to pique your interest while you wait…

Are you ready? Can you handle it? Are you up for the Challenge?

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