December 2018 Challenge Roundup

Last month, we took our inspiration from the arrival of winter and asked you to write a prose poem about the changing seasons. It was a delight to read all of your poetic entries to this challenge. 

It’s never easy to select the handful of writers to feature on the blog, and this month was no exception. The writers below all captivated us with their prose poetry—with their ability to bring images to life and to make us feel the sensations of the seasons as if we were experiencing it ourselves. 

The In-Between, by SnowCheetah

A beautiful ode to that fleeting moment between seasons: “The days of snow and sunshine, the days of flowers and falling leaves. The days where the green foliage fades into a sunset of colours.” Lovely imagery!

Autumn is…, by Snowstep

Snowstep gives us an example of figurative language at its best: “Autumn sounds like the dry rasp of the rake against the sidewalk.” Doesn’t that immediately make you hear the sound in your mind?

Storms, by aj62450

Here’s another example of a poem that evokes powerful sensations. We want to dance in the rain right there with you, aj.

To be a Leaf, by zsandri

This is such a whimsical poem that perfectly captures the wonder of the seasons through a child’s eye. We dare you to try and read it without smiling.

City Snow, by Frizzy005

We loved how this poem looked at the effect of a snowstorm on the city and the people going about their business. Frizzy took an approach to the topic that was completely original. Well done. 

Autumn, by Animalicecreamlover

“Autumn is the nice guy who lends you his jacket. Autumn is the nice girl that takes your hand and guides you through the unfamiliar school.” Metaphor, thy name is Autumn. 

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