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October Challenge: Trick or Treat!

In celebration of the year's most candy-packed holiday, October's writing challenge is going to be short and sweet. Write a picture book that takes place on one evening: Halloween. Your story should be short (maximum 20 pages) and focused on what happens when your character (or characters) go trick or treating.

September Challenge: Dreamers

This month, we challenge you to dream up a better world for all. World peace? Love? Equality? Chocolate for everyone? Express your ideas in poetry. We can't wait to be inspired by your ideas.

March Challenge: Conflict

Conflict. Anger. Tears. These are the themes of this month’s Storybird Challenge—a reversal from February and all that love and happiness.

February Challenge: Star-crossed

"Star-crossed" - Two people couldn't be more different. But somehow, they have found each other. And only by working together can they save themselves and everyone they love.